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Jul 31, 2012 3:00:44 PM

We are blessed to live in the unspoiled beauty of Northwest Montana. The Lodge at Whitefish Lake is proud to announce as of July 2012 we have initiated an official RECYCLING program including wine bottle GLASS recycling from the Boat Club Restaurant, plastic and aluminum from the Tiki Bar and amenity bottles and soap from our guest rooms. Thanks to the following partners for assisting us in our endeavors, together we are making a difference! 

The new owners are making a BIG impact on the valley and we love working with them. NWR recycles all of our glass, plastic (#1 & #2), aluminum and paper. They will even pick up residential glass. Call Teri Schneider at 406-257-5899.

Their goal is mighty, but simple—save millions of lives lost each year in third world countries by distributing recycled soap. Each month, hotels and motels across the world discard tons of slightly-used soap and shampoo. These products often end up in already overflowing landfills and can potentially contaminate fragile groundwater systems. Through their “Hospitality Recycling Partners Program,” Clean the World collects and repurposes these products using environmentally-friendly and hygienically-safe recycling efforts and save lives one bar of soap at a time! 

This non-profit corporation is led by a volunteer board of directors and two volunteer committees who are committed to protecting Whitefish Lake and its resources through scientific research, education and outreach programs. The Averill family has donated 30 acres, known as the Viking Preserve, to the institute and gladly support the institute’s Whitefish Wine Auction held annually at The Lodge in July.

Blackwell Interests, Inc.
A special thanks to Marc Blackwell with Blackwell Interests, Inc. for building our commercial wooden recycle stations in our heavy-trafficked areas at the marina, tiki bar and main entrances.
The Crown of the Continent Workshops
Although we haven’t yet joined their program, attending The Crown of the Continent Geotourism Project & Yellowstone Business Partnership Sustainable Business Workshops has kick-started our efforts toward establishing recycling programs.

If you have questions regarding any of our programs of partners please call 406-863-4000!

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