Rock Drop Contest

Mar 30, 2010 7:27:58 AM

So we do kind of an interesting fund raiser here at the Lodge.  We set a large rock out on the middle of the ice, put a light on it, and wait for it to plunge to its icy death.  Guests and Boat Club customers purchase a date on the calendar for $5 and if the rock drops on your day, you get half the pot.

It is a fun fundraiser for the Whitefish Lake Institute  The Whitefish Lake Institute manages the Viking Creek Preserve which is the sight of our Viking Lodge Expansion project.  This project was the brain child of Dan Averill and the members of the Whitefish Lake Institute, and is touted as the largest hospitality conservation project in the Northwest in 2009.  Essentially, the Averill family made a 32 acre donation to the city of Whitefish to protect a sensitive watershed called the Viking Creek Preserve.  In exchange, we were able to use 8 acres (non wetland) for an expansion of the existing Lodge.  The Averill's also donated $100,000 to the building of walking trails, reforestation of natural plants, and informational plaques to be completed in the summer of 2010 on the Viking Creek Preserve. 

We are excited about the ability to expand the Lodge and protect the water quality of Whitefish Lake which is so important to our success.  Not to mention we get to stare out the window at a suspended rock and wonder when the ice will melt and it will complete the plunge.  By the way, it fell yesterday and there is open water showing.  Spring is on its way!

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