Congratulations to us!

Apr 1, 2011 10:49:49 AM

We at the Lodge at Whitefish Lake are pleased to announce we have earned our 4 diamond award from AAA!  In the hotel industry, this is a huge achievement because it gives consumers a way to compare our property to others they have stayed at before.  Being a small boutique hotel in Northwest Montana without a flagship such as Marriott, Starwood, or another makes creating a brand and attracting customers a challenge.  We have to sell ourselves and enlist your trust that we will deliver on what we promise when you make your reservation.  We respect that some of our customers only have one vacation opportunity a year, and we here at the Lodge are committed to making that one trip a memorable one.

The requirements for reaching this status are stringent.  The requirements are high and the inspections tough.  We have been trying for five years for this achievement, and patience makes receiving this award that much sweeter.  We are thrilled to represent AAA and welcome the challenge to maintain and improve our operation to uphold this prestigious award.  Thank you to our family, staff, and guests for your support.

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