Summer at Whitefish Mountain Resort: Aerial Adventure Park

Aug 12, 2014 1:19:15 PM

Aerial Adventure ParkA high ropes obstacle course through the trees is one of Whitefish Mountain Resort's most popular summer activities. From just 10, all the way to 50 feet up, the Aerial Adventure Park is challenging fun for anyone ages 7 and up!  Our very own Amanda in Concierge experienced the park first hand and answered some of our burning questions about this intrepid exploit...

Q: Are you afraid of heights at all? If so, how did this affect your activity?
A: I am afraid of heights, but my nephew was visiting and shamed me into participating. I have several siblings and my fear of being the lame aunt is greater than my fear of heights! In all honesty, I did not sense a fear of falling, however, I did have a general feeling of queasiness the entire time.


Q: Did the full body harness inhibit the maneuverability of the courses?
A: The full body harness was not too restrictive. It seemed and looked more uncomfortable for the men! I would recommend tighter clothing, such as yoga pants, to keep the harness from bunching.


Q: Were you able to finish all 5 courses in the allotted 2 hours?
A: There are different courses for different skill levels, much alike ski runs. I did not finish the entire obstacle course. This was, in part, due to my lack of athletic ability, and in part due to a huskier little kid I was behind. In his defense, perhaps I should not have been on the kid's course...


Q: What element that you completed did you feel was the most challenging?
A: The most challenging part for me was crossing logs that were merely tied with one rope in the middle. When you stepped on them, they would tilt to each side. I hung onto my harness for most of the crossing!


Q: What course was your favorite?
A: I liked the zip-line portion of it. It gets tiresome to keep clamping on and off of the wires. It was nice to just slide to the other side.


Q: What do you feel was the best or most fun aspect of the Aerial Adventure Park?
A: My favorite aspect of the Aerial Adventure Park was that there were a variety of courses for all ability levels. As well, if the Adventure Park is too much, WMR also offers the Walk in the Treetops or Scenic Lift Rides (more on both of these in our next post!). We were able to find an enjoyable activity for everyone within our group.
Aerial Adventure Park
There you have it! Whitefish Mountain Resort's Aerial Adventure Park provides the perfect day with any group of friends or family. With 5 courses and 60+ unique elements, the only high ropes course in Whitefish offers a perfect challenge for everyone in your party! For pricing and restrictions, click here.


Looking for a fun challenge for younger children? Summer at WMR is not limited to older kids and adults alone; Spider Monkey Mountain tests the psychomotor skills of children 4 and up, as they navigate their own path up and out of 4 stories of webbing and entertainment. Upon cresting the tower's summit, children may either choose to climb back down, or take a ride down the giant slide. Parental supervision is required; see more information here.



Our final post on Whitefish Mountain Resort's summer activities is just around the corner! Check back with us for information on their Walk in the Treetops and Scenic Lift Rides!

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